Fraud Investigation

At Quadra, we consider Investigation & Counter Fraud to be an integral part of our day to day operations, strongly intertwined through the very core of our business. Our instructions are not just screened, but analysed, by Accredited Counter Fraud professionals and experienced investigators, who maintain consistently and constantly involved in the entire lifecycle of our handling processes. Investigation is not a bolt-on or stand-alone service, but is integrated into the heart of our business.

Our expertise in the areas of Forensic Psychology, Behavioural Evidence Analysis and Profiling, give an industry leading edge to our skillset in conducting investigations on behalf of our clients; painting the pictures of truth, lies and deception, displayed by the parties to our enquiries.

Brendan Gillooly


Brendan Gillooly ACFS Dip FSP is Head of Counter Fraud.


Church & Heritage
Property Investors
Commercial Property
High Net Worth
London Market
Complex & Major Loss